Signorelli Office Services has over 40 years experience

  Signorelli Office Services was founded in the Chicago, area in 1990. We are the midwest experts in the installation, maintenance, repair, service, and relocation of automated carousel storage and retrieval systems. The employees of Signorelli office Services have over 40 years of experience in the material handling industry. We have worked with clients in Mexico, Canada and Scotland in every industry imaginable ranging from electronics to beauty supplies, food processing and distribution to automotive and many other types of distribution. Work has been performed flawlessly in clean room environments and non-clean room environments. Storage and retrieval systems increase the efficiency and bottom line of your company. Your company can save space and also fill orders faster and more accuratly then you could with static shelving. We work with over 400 dealers of storage systems nationwide. Signorelli Office Services is authorized to work with many different types of storage and retrieval machines including: vertical and horizontal carousels, power files, vertical lift modules or vlm, mobile shelving, bi-files, rotary files and static shelving. We also work on dry cleaner carousels, up downs and conveyors.
  Our company is dedicated to superior customer service and proper equipment care to help your business maintain a high level of productivity. One aspect of our business philosophy is personal service. Every client is the most important and we will work with you side by side, from system needs to implementation and beyond. Signorelli Office Services can handle ALL of your needs from installations to relocations, service, and regular maintenance. Remember, when you need help, call S.O.S!