Signorelli Office Services has over 40 years experience

Signorelli Office Services has the expertise to handle the maintenance of your storage and retrieval system, vertical lift module, carousel filing system, or dry cleaner carousel. If your machine requires preventative care or emergency repair, we can help you. Our factory trained technicians have the field experience and the professional attitude that can provide the support for all of your company's material handling needs. Your company made the very wise decision to invest in a valuable material handling system. That equipment has motors, chains, belts, rollers, and other hardware that needs to be lubricated, adjusted and inspected on a regular basis. Signorelli Office Services can inspect, adjust, repair, or replace any failing hardware in your valuable system before disaster happens which can cost you valuable down time. For some systems we offer service contracts to cover the cost of expensive emergency calls. If you are a dry cleaner, and your machine won't go around, if you cannot get at your files, if your shelving system was damaged we can help you. Some conveyor repair is also available. Whatever the material handling needs of your company, Signorelli Office Services is here to provide support.